We don’t own the Earth, we belong to it.

We are fortunate enough to live and work in one of the most beautiful, wild places on our planet. We are proud of the fish we produce and the nutrition we provide, but are constantly aware that we use nature to do it. It is crucial that we farm with absolute care for the seas that our fish swim in.

We take our standards of fish welfare, husbandry and environmental impact extremely seriously, and are proud to be accredited with the highest standards in the industry.

Stuart Cannon winning the People’s Choice at the Scottish Marine Aquaculture Awards 2018.

Quality Trout UK ensures the highest standards in farmed trout production, addressing traceability, product quality, food safety, fish health and welfare and best farming practice throughout the supply chain.

Kames is a member of the British Trout Association

Kames is part of Global G.A.P., the world’s leading farm assurance program for producers and retailers.

The GLOBAL G.A.P. Aquaculture Standard sets strict criteria for legal compliance, food safety, employees occupational health and safety, animal welfare, environmental and ecological care.

The Standard covers the entire production chain from feed to fork and sites are audited to ensure these standards are met and maintained.

All stages and aspects of our production are covered by the RSPCA welfare standards.

Kames sites had an initial assessment to confirm standards were met and ongoing monitoring visits by an RSPCA farm livestock officer to ensure ongoing compliance.

The assessment visits includes review and inspection of Fish Health Records, Veterinary Health Plans, operating policies including operational protocols and environmental practices, training and production records.

Local area agreements

We work in partnership with local environmental trusts, and join forces with other farms
to support environmental concerns in our area.
These include:

Shuna Sound Environmental Management Plan (EMP) working with MOWI Scotland and Argyll District Fisheries Board, and Argyll Fisheries Trust

Lower Lorne Farm Partnership Agreement

Loch Pooltiel Environmental Management Plan (EMP) north west Skye, where Kames has funded wild fish monitoring program over the last three years, working with the Skye and Wester Ross Fisheries Trust.

​Kames was delighted to receive a 2018 Scottish Marine Aquacultures Award.

These awards highlight the many good things happening in UK aquaculture and give due recognition to those making an exceptional contribution to the industry.