Scotland’s Family Fish Farm

Kames has been operating as a family farm for nearly 50 years, with our values of quality,
sustainability and community placed at the heart of our farming ethos.

A New Adventure

Kames is Scotland’s oldest family fish farm, established in 1972 when
Stuart Cannon, a farmer’s son from Lincolnshire, in search of ‘his own adventure’, first pioneered putting fish into freshwater lochs & seawater sites on the Inner Hebridean West Coast.

His understanding influenced the entire aquaculture industry, & that forward-thinking husbandry & innovation has continued at Kames to this day.

A Passion for Trout

Stuart was always passionate about trout, fishing for it & eating it as a boy, all the trout, which he thought (still thinks!) is an under-rated fish. His first venture at Kames was to grow rainbow trout in freshwater lochs before migrating them to the sea. He realised that if you give them the space, the trout can create their own flow. He was the first in Europe to pioneer this technique, which completely changed the entire aquaculture industry.

Stuart came to realise that the Steelhead species was a truly exceptional trout – swimming in sea lochs against strong currents made the fish incredibly athletic & lean, & still with the delicate flavour for which trout is known. Now Kames has developed its own brood stock of Steelhead that really thrive in our sea lochs – proper Scottish Steelhead.

With next generation family involvement, the Kames ethos is all set to continue into the future.

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