Life cycle of a kames steelhead trout

Our farms are fully integrated – owning hatchery and ongrowing farms, and still run by Stuart and his team. This means we oversee our trout’s entire life-cycle, all the way from egg to table.

Our farming ethos is to create an environment for the fish that is as close as possible to being in the wild.

Pioneers with passion

We were the first to trial growing trout in sea and freshwater lochs back in the 70s and we haven’t looked back. Scientific research is central to the evolution of our farm and the preservation of our fragile environment.

We work with many scientific bodies, in particular the Institute of Aquaculture and the University of the West of Scotland, to research aspects of fish husbandry and environmental impact. We are helping to create a database of fish histologies to help improve fish health. We have designed cages with better flow and space, made from recyclable materials. We are currently spearheading a project to convert algae waste into feed.

Our Story

Sustainable Farming

Kames Steelhead Trout are reared in accordance with the Marine Scotland Code of Best Practice and are Freedom Food and Global Gap accredited.

Our Sustainability