Expert Husbandry

A Natural Life

Our farms are fully integrated with both hatchery and sea cages. This means we oversee the entire life-cycle of our fish, and can ensure it is has the best quality existence.

Our aim is to create an environment for the fish that is as close as possible to being in the wild, with an abundance of space, minimal handling, and following their natural inclinations.

Pioneers with passion

We were the first farm to trial growing trout in sea and freshwater lochs back in the 70s, which has had a massive impact on global aquaculture, and both an entrepreneurial spirit and scientific research have always been central to the evolution of our farm.

We work with many scientific bodies, in particular the Institute of Aquaculture and the University of the West of Scotland, to research aspects of fish husbandry and reduce environmental impact.

Sustainable Farming

Trout farming is all about passion – it is a small-scale, artisan operation run by people who love this fish and love their countryside. We want to nurture and protect our beautiful surroundings more than anyone. All Kames Steelhead Trout are reared in accordance with this philosophy, and we follow the Marine Scotland Code of Best Practice. We are Freedom Food, RSCPA and Global GAP accredited.

Our Sustainability

We’re a family who firmly believe in that Highland mentality… we support our people, we give back to our community, we tend carefully to our land and our waters, and we grow our fish to the best of their potential.

Our Story