Fresh Steelhead

We only farm Steelhead Trout, because it’s exceptional. The same species as the rainbow, but with a natural inclination to migrate to the sea, Kames Steelhead is athletic from swimming against a huge volume of Scottish oceanic water. This makes it lean, high in Omega 3s and essential vitamins, with a beautifully firm texture and delicate flavour.

Smoked Steelhead

Our fish is smoked by Ruari Murray, a third-generation smoker in the neighbouring glen who hand-cures the fish and smokes over oak from recycled whisky barrels. We have worked with him for decades and have always found his smoke unbeatable. The taste is delicate, but with a sweet depth of flavour. All our smoked products are sliced and interleaved.


Enjoy a monthly delivery of fresh and smoked trout to your door, with a 20% discount on price and the freedom to cancel at any time. It’s an easy way to make our healthy and sustainable source of protein and Omega 3 part of your regular diet, and means your fridge never goes for too long without some good quality fish in it . . .

Delivery FAQs

Keeping it healthy

Kames Steelhead Trout is especially high in Omega 3s that benefit your heart, brains and immune system. It’s recommended by the NHS that we eat oily fish every week.

About our fish

the wool cycle

We send out our fish chilled in recyclable insulated wool bags and recyclable boxes.

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