The Kames Ethos

At the heart of our business is a striving for excellence, a curiosity to seek better ways of doing things, an understanding of the importance of working in harmony with the natural environment that supports and enables us, and a deep-rooted sense of the community
we share.

Quality First

Our goal is to always produce a trout of exceptional quality. That means every aspect of our fish husbandry has to be done with care and precision.

Finest Scottish Steelhead

A Family firm

Kames is a family-run firm, set up by Stuart Cannon in 1972, and borne of a passion for farming, quality fish and Scotland. Stuart’s ambition for excellence has held true ever since, producing exceptional fish, and pioneering the way for Kames to become industry leaders.

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In perfect harmony

We care passionately about the natural environment that we live in and rely on. Kames is constantly evolving techniques to minimise our impact on the land and sea and be a zero-waste farm. We have worked for decades with Scottish universities to lead plasticity tests in water, develop blood histologies to improve fish health, invent recyclable cages and we currently lead a project to convert algae waste into feed.

In everything we do – from ensuring proper fallow periods to spacing out our cages, to fuel efficiency, we try to ensure that we protect our fragile environment.

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