Scottish Steelhead Gravadlax Kit


2 x 1kg fillets of Scottish Steelhead Trout, pin-bones out
1 x box of Blackthorn Sea Salt

Make your own Scottish Steelhead Gravadlax with 2 x 1kg fillets & a box of Blackthorn Sea Salt.

You can add sugar & herbs to suit your own recipe, or follow our suggestion here. It goes very well with Roxy’s Dill Sauce and Peter’s Yard Original Crackers, or you can make your own accompaniments.

Made with wind, sea and thorns on the West Coast of Scotland, Blackthorn Salt is the ultimate transformative ingredient. Clean, unrefined, with a sweetness & a mouth-watering tang. 100% west coast sea water and nothing else.

Fresh fillets:
Average weight: 1kg
Store in refrigerator at 0-5 degrees
7 day shelf-life, suitable for freezing.

Blackthorn Sea Salt:
100% Scottish Sea Salt
Store in a dry place.

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