Oncorhynchus mykiss

Steelhead Trout (oncorhynchus mykiss) is of the rainbow genus, but naturally migrates to the sea. Here it grows into a bigger, stronger, more silvery fish than its river counterpart.

The sea directly impacts both the flavour profile of the fish and its texture; the taste is clean and delicate, enhanced by the natural minerals of the ocean, and the texture firm – this is a fish with a lot of muscle power from swimming against Atlantic currents.

Our Husbandry

it’s a joyful thing, nutritious for you and your family, and if you’ve never fallen deeply in love with fish or trout, this is the time – it’s the time!!!

Jamie Oliver

Our Location

The sea lochs of the West Coast of Scotland are exceptionally clear, and our position is ideal for our fish – uniquely protected by the inlays and surrounding islands from the harsher swell and waves of the Atlantic, yet benefitting so much from the mineral-rich currents and flow.

We produce about 2,000 tonnes annually, from three areas.

Our fish have as natural existence as is possible for any farmed animal, and are truly ‘free-range’ in these beautiful waters.

people don’t seem to buy it very often, which is a shame — they’re definitely missing out. It is a lovely, light fish.

Tom Kerridge

Simple and Nutritious

Trout is such a rich source of Omega 3 that it’s recommended we eat at least two portions a week.

Cooking our firm trout portion steaks could not be more simple.
Lemon, herbs and butter. Lipsmack.

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It’s always been about trout for me, ever since I was a teenager and I used to swap the trout I caught in the river for beer in our local pub!
The taste – when it’s had a really good quality life – is just sublime.

Stuart Cannon, Founder