Meet the Scottish Steelhead

Not everyone knows the Steelhead Trout. It’s really the rainbow that migrates to the sea, whereupon it adapts to becomes athletic and silvery. These are big fish – and more like a salmon fillet on the plate, but with that wonderful delicacy of trout. They have a depth of flavour and a lean firmness, our trout are never fatty!

An exceptional trout

Steelhead Trout is of the rainbow genus (Oncorhynchus mykiss), but we transfer it to the sea at 9 months, when it has a natural inclination to migrate to the ocean.

In the sea, the Steelhead grows into a bigger, stronger, more silvery fish than its river counterpart. It’s athletic; giving it a wonderful, non-fatty firm texture, earned from the muscle power needed to swim against a vast tonnage of sea water and strong ocean currents. The sea impacts the taste profile too; the Steelhead has a real depth of flavour, enhanced by the natural minerals of the water, but is clean and delicate on the palate.

A Million Reasons to Eat Trout

Our trout is an oily fish, and an essential part of our diet, providing vital Omega 3s and Vitamins that support the immune system, heart and brains.

For a full insight (the list is long and wonderful!) into the benefits of trout, read on . . .


It’s always been about trout for me, ever since I was a teenager and I used to swap the trout I caught in the river for beer in our local pub! The taste – when it’s had a really good quality life – is just sublime.

Stuart Cannon, Founder

Our Location

The sea lochs of the West Coast of Scotland are exceptionally crystal clear, and our sites at Loch Melfort and the Isle of Skye are ideal for our fish – uniquely protected by the inlays and surrounding islands from the harsher swell and waves of the Atlantic, yet benefitting so much from the mineral-rich currents and flow.

Our fish have as natural existence as possible, with an abundance of space and minimal handling.

Delicious & versatile

Cooking with trout could not be simpler. Pan-fry, roast, add a glaze or herbs, drape the smoked over oatcakes, or eggs, or toast, stir into pastas, whip into pates, char on the barbecue. It’s limitless, it’s quick and easy, and it’s utterly delicious.

Head over to our blog for some of our Kames Kitchen favourites.

The Kames Kitchen

people don’t seem to buy it very often, which is a shame — they’re definitely missing out. It is a lovely, light fish.

Tom Kerridge

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