Meet the Scottish Steelhead

Steelhead trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss irideus) is the rainbow that migrates to the sea. Like all rainbow trout, it’s native to the Pacific coastline of North America, but is now found all over the world. It thrives in our Scottish sea lochs, where we’ve farmed it for nearly 50 years.

In the sea, the Steelhead grows far bigger, leaner and more athletic than a river trout, akin to a salmon, but with a sweet, delicate flavour and outstanding firm texture.

We are passionate about trout, and only farm the Steelhead at Kames, because it’s exceptional.

Our Location

The mineral-rich currents of the inner Hebrides are a superb habitat for our fish; they become athletic & muscular yet are protected from the harsh Atlantic swell by the outlying islands.

We regularly fallow our sites to keep the water quality outstanding, & sample the water during every cycle to ensure we adhere to SEPA & Marine Scotland regulations.

Our integrated hatchery, fed by a natural spring, ensures we can fully control our fish welfare from egg to harvest.

A Million Reasons to Eat Trout

Trout is an oily fish, & an essential part of our diet, providing vital Omega 3s & Vitamins that support the immune system, heart & brains.

We’ve worked with Love British Food nutritionist Dr Lucy Williamson, to put together a guide to all the health benefits of our trout. It’s a long list!

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It’s always been about trout for me, ever since I was a teenager and I used to swap the trout I caught in the river for beer in our local pub! The taste – when it’s had a really good quality life – is just sublime.

Stuart Cannon, Founder

Delicious & Versatile

Cooking with trout is quick, easy & delicious.

Head over to the blog for some of our Kames Kitchen favourites.

The Kames Kitchen

People don’t seem to buy it very often, which is a shame — they’re definitely missing out. It is a lovely, light fish.

Tom Kerridge

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