Steelhead Trout


grown in wild scottish seas
since 1972

Made in Scotland

We are the oldest family-owned fish farm in Scotland, and are completely passionate about growing Steelhead Trout – the large, silvery, sea-loving rainbow – in the amazing, pure waters off the Scottish West Coast.

Our fish are slow-reared in full, salt, oceanic water, with an abundance of space and strong currents, making the fish really swim, which they love. Our husbandry is as natural and as sustainable as you can get. The result is a properly toned, muscular fish, with a brighter colour, a firmer texture and a more delicate taste.

Why trout?

for your heart

Oily fish like trout is by far the richest source of Omega 3 in our diet, critical for maintaining a healthy heart, brains and immune system, and for the development of babies and children. The NHS recommends that we eat at least 2 portions of fish a week, and research has shown that Omega 3 supplements have very little beneficial effects.

Kames Trout is particularly good in providing this nutrition. We strictly maintain the natural oil levels for the trout with absolutely no over-fattening. The huge tonnage of water to swim against in our open waters ensures an optimum fish – providing highly digestible protein, unsaturated fat, vitamin D and vitamin B12.

Our Fish

For Your Planet

Fish is by far the most efficient protein source, and farmed trout has a carbon footprint that’s nearly ten times lower than that of beef. Right now, fish accounts for only 2% of our protein intake. We look to the future and think that sustainable fish farming with strict environmental standards is the better way of feeding our planet.

Our Sustainability

for the taste

It is unbelievably easy to cook trout. Our fillets and portion fillets are like steaks – they are a good chunky size, firm, easy to handle, and guaranteed to have no bones. You can pan fry them in seconds and have a feast.

Because our Steelhead Trout are grown in the ocean, there is no possibility of the muddy taste that river trout are often accused of. We harvest straight from the sea, filleted and delivered straight to your plate, fresh, clean and delicious.

The smoke is created by experience, skill and sheer instinct. We fillet, cure, smoke and age all by hand, using the traditional methods, over old oak whisky barrels from our favourite West Coast distilleries! Their flavours are the best in the world. And all under the watchful eye of Ruari, our third-generation smoker.

Why Kames?

Our Farms

We are a small, passionate team, with decades of expertise that shines through in our daily husbandry. We grow our fish in their own time, without artificial fattening, and in spacious, crystal-clear oceanic waters.

Our Husbandry

Our story

Kames is the oldest family-owned fish farm in Scotland, and three generations take an active interest in the raising of Steelhead Trout, the sea-loving rainbow trout that Kames has been growing since the farm’s inception in 1972.

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Our People

Remote Scottish communities have supported each other with hard graft for centuries – it is our way of being. Kames is a clan – we do all we can to support each other’s work and family life, and constantly look outwards, seeking ways to better enable, include and support the community around us.

Kames Community