Farming Scottish Steelhead Trout
Since 1972

We’re a family farm, pioneering growing trout in remote Scottish seas since 1972. We only grow Steelhead, it’s our passion. Big and athletic from swimming against a huge volume of mineral-rich, Atlantic currents, the Steelhead has a beautifully firm texture and a delicacy of flavour that’s simply exceptional. We give it the two things it most needs: space and time.

The quality of this fish is a reflection of its outstanding oceanic habitat, and our ethos as a farm is one of utmost commitment and care – to our fish, to our people, to our environment.

Kames Scottish Steelhead Trout

Our Steelhead

Steelhead Trout is the rainbow that migrates to the sea, where it grows bigger, more silvery and more athletic than its river counterpart. It’s an exceptional salmonid for its size, texture and depth of flavour, and it just thrives in the space and flow of our Scottish sea lochs.

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Our farm

Trout is essential protein, high in Omega 3s, and with a low carbon footprint.

We are driven by our commitment to outstanding husbandry, fish welfare and sustainable farming, producing the highest standard of fish without impacting our beautiful environment.

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Our Story

We’re a family-run fish farm, and have been since 1972, when we were the first to pioneer growing fish in sea and loch waters.

Our local West Coast community is so strong, we are very proud to be part of it.

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