The remote waters off the West Coast of Scotland are beautifully clear, abundant in wildlife, with all the mineral-richness and strong currents of the Atlantic Ocean, but protected from the harsh, open swell by our surrounding islands and geography. It’s an outstanding environment for growing Steelhead Trout, and it was here that Stuart Cannon was the first to pioneer putting fish into sea lochs back in 1972.

We are absolutely passionate about trout and the Steelhead is as good as it gets. Its firm texture and delicious, delicate flavour is due to our consistent farming practices which put fish welfare and quality first. For the smoke, Ruari, a local third-generation family smoker, hand-cures and hand-smokes our fish over oak whisky barrels from Oban Distillery, up the road. It’s the best we’ve tasted (and we’ve tasted a lot!)

Meet the Steelhead

Our Farms

We’re a family farm who pride ourselves on rearing trout ‘the right way’. That means giving the fish abundant space and flow to swim against and become athletic and muscular. It means giving them time ­– we take a year longer than most other farms to let our fish develop naturally. And it means with transparency, working collaboratively with environmental bodies, local authorities, university researchers and more to ensure our husbandry practices and sustainability measures are of the highest standard and continue to evolve. We want to protect and preserve both our fragile environment and this highly beneficial protein source for future generations.

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Our People

Kames is one of the few fish farms in Scotland to remain very much a family firm, with Stuart and the managers working alongside the whole team every day to provide the utmost care and craft for our fish. Family and community have always been at the forefront of what Kames is about, and we support and train our people every inch of the way.

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