A passion for fish

Stuart Cannon grew up on an arable farm in Lincolnshire. “But I was always passionate about fish, and especially trout. I loved fishing for it, I loved eating it, and as a young student I found out about a placement trialling trout farming in Scotland, and went for it. After that, the idea just grew and grew.”

Stuart partnered with another local clan to start the business, falling in love with both the place and the water at Kames Bay – sheltered yet filled with strong flows and fast currents.

Pioneering Sea-Grown Trout

Stuart’s first venture was to grow rainbow trout in freshwater lochs before migrating them to the sea. He realised that if you give them the space, the trout can create their own flow. He was the first in Europe to pioneer this technique, which completely changed the entire aquaculture industry.

The Kames Cage

Demand grew for the freshwater cages Stuart had built for his sea trout. We now build thousands of Kames Cages for fish farms, research centres and water companies all over the world, and have expanded into rafts for wildlife sanctuaries, gangways for marinas and more. Many of our original wooden Kames Cages are still in commercial use.

Kames Equipment

The expertise that grew from all this experimenting and study led to some interesting overseas adventures. In 1977 Stuart set up a farm to produce mirror carp in Lake Habbiniya in Iraq, and in 1984 he helped set up sea bass and sea bream farms in Greece.

The Steelhead

We have diversified and farmed many other types of fish over the decades – salmon, halibut, shellfish, barramundi – but eventually we decided to simply focus on our main passion: the Steelhead Trout.

Scottish Steelhead Trout

Kames has remained very much a family firm, and having a strong family ethos and community spirit is the only way we know how to operate! We wouldn’t want it any other way.

Kames Community